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Thread: F-20 for a client in Connecticut

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    F-20 for a client in Connecticut

    I bought a Gerstner chest from a Craigslist ad when I was up in New England last fall. The guy said he had another tool box, but it had been his father's and he didn't want to sell it. He planned on restoring it "someday". After he saw my work on my website, he asked if I would do the restoration for him. I agreed and he sent it to me.


    I did my thing: refinished all the wood and polished all the hardware, replaced the felt and the drawer label. Details here: https://gerstnertoolchest.shutterfly...herchests/1049


    It was a pleasure to work on, especially because I know it's going to be a treasured heirloom.
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    Fantastic job! That style is my favorite of the Union line. I have my dad's D-17 from the early 1940's that he passed on to me when I entered the trade back in 1972. I know your client will treasure his.

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    Finished my Union B-20 today. Had to get a new mirror cut, but the frame was all there. Removed all of the hardware and got the rust off. Then finished off with some time on the buffer. The draw bar for the lock was missing, but I had an old one laying around that fit the square shape of the lock and it even matched the rivet holes for the old one. The only thing different is it doesn't say Union across the face. Based on the condition of the drawer fronts, I decided to remove the drawer pulls that had been installed with rivets. Once everything was done with the drawers, I re-installed using #2 round head slotted wood screws 3/8 inch length. I also had to replace the back panel, and do a bondo repair just above the back panel due to a chunk of solid wood was missing. I also filled in a deep gouge on the front panel. Sanded, stained and 3 coats of Spar. I had to replace the handle and it's mounting hardware. Then re-felted and installed the mirror frame.


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    Nice work on refinishing the Union Chests, they look great.

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    Sold this Union today. Wasn't even here long enough for dust to settle on it. The son of a neighbor bought it for a present to a friend of his and his family. Once in awhile, I get a chest and it has machinist tools in it. I'm not interested in them so I give them to a neighbor because this guy, the one the present for, was going to school to be a machinist. He picks out what he needs and gives away the rest. I guess he is graduating from his school and the chest is going to be a graduation present. Hope he likes it. It does have a nice grain pattern, and I'll bet he will be the only one in his class that has one.

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    Just got an F-20 that I thought was an O31. Got a little trigger happy. Nice box, if only it hadn't been 'restored'. Some brutal stuff. Oh well, we have the technology, we can rebuild it.


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