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Thread: Dental case ID help

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    Dental case ID help

    I found this old eBay listing, wonder if anyone knows if this was a standard model or a custom build? I'd love to get one, but don't want to waste too much time hunting for one if it was a custom.


    Here's the description and link.
    I've been told this is definitely a gerstner dental box by another owner- 4 normal drawers on the right - standard top well but divided in two sections with mounted plastic pieces for holding small tools/instruments? Next to the drawers is a sort of display platform - there is a square cut into it where they would have sat whatever was being held in here. Could be a really nice jewelry box tool display small microscope kit display etc - the handle is broken see photos - the display section is 7" tall the square insert is about 5 x 5 1/2". The box itself is 16" x 12 3/4" x 8 1/2" - outside is beautiful - inside is marked g8 - I believe it's a special order gerstner with updated hasps and custom options but can't say 100% for myself because it is not marked.

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    I don't think it is a special order item. I have never seen that model before, but I have seen a model 75. It is similar, including the pull-out section. It was made for dentists and the pull-out storage was for some type of computer dental instrument. The model 75 was a standard model but apparently not many were made.

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    Thank you for your insights, Bill. Of course, now I'll become obsessed with finding one...

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    I found one of these a couple weeks ago. Was hoping to learn more about it.

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    Where did you find it? What part of Texas are you in?

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    Sorry, not in Texas. Just picked that for a screen name. In Nebraska. It was in an antique store.

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    Oh. Right. Makes as much sense as if I were to pick the name “cornhusker” I guess.

    That’s alright...we can’t all be Texans, but I guess everyone can wish they were. lol

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    Not sure if the original question was answered somewhere already...

    I have one of these cases too. Love it. It was a custom case manufactured by Gerstner to fit a Denar Pantograph. I think the pantograph was some kind of device used by dentists for taking measurements of the mouth.It had plastic clips for holding some of the components of the pantograph located in the till. I removed them since they were just in the way. The clasps are great. Wish I could get some of them. they're not stamped metal like the ones found on the machinist cases. The drawers are felted - unlike the painted metal ones found in the other dentist cases.

    The pull-out shelf at the bottom left is covered in green flocking. I re positioned the stop screw to allow the shelf to pull out more. I need to put stops on the drawers - I keep finding myself pulling them out too far.I'd like to modify that shelf into something similar to the machinist manual drawer found in the larger Gerstner cases.

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    I just bought one of these cases also. On the bottom, it has the number N230. This is also on the side of the case where the drawers are. One of the latch/catch is missing. Does anyone know of an exact replacement?
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