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    Sebring O42 Finished

    I told you about this O42 in the previous post and I finally got it done. I was working on four or five boxes at the same time and its number came up. I'll be bringing it to a show this Saturday here in Melbourne.


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    Nice job Terry. What color of stain did you use?

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    It's Minwax Golden Oak. It seems to have come out darker this time, maybe because the wood had been dark to begin with.

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    Finished the mahogany 41B today. This is another chest that the seller advertised as oak. Re-glued one corner of the chest and repaired 3 drawers. Polished the hardware and replaced missing mirror. Was able to salvage the original label. Sanded and used black cherry stain. Finished with 3 coats of spar. Found some paper work in the chest, all dated from 1956. Who knows.

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    In progress on an oak 41B. I don't even know why I got this one. A lot of water damage, rotted and no hardware. The back was completely rotted out. All of the joints on the box had come unglued. The center panel on the front cover was rotted out. I tried to replace with veneer but that was a big fail. Every drawer needs repair. It has a flat panel front cover so it's not like it's hundred years old or anything. Even those small metal tabs are missing from the front panel track that the retaining pins bump up to act as stops. The mounting areas from the lock, hasps and hinges have multiple holes and a couple of broken screws in them. It's like that through the years, several types of locks, hasps and hinges were installed and someone had used brass screws for installation and not drilled pilot holes and broke off the screws in the wood. A real bear to get out.

    Fooled me Terry on the Golden Oak. I figured you had used something darker. Looks great. I don't know why this thing does the attached thumbnails photo along with the regular photo (above). Well I've never been the sharpest thing in the kitchen when it comes to these things.

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    Just bought an o42 for $140 this last weekend. I need to post photos soon. Whats the best way to clean up the wood. The felt is perfect, has the keys etc. just a little dirty. Also the hardware is rusty and I want to clean this up without losing plating or popping the rivets etc. Any suggestions?

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    Finished my O41 today. When I saw it I had to get because the only one I have is a wrapped model. I like the smaller versions of this model, before they started making them larger 41A 41B 41C etc. This one will go in to my collection, not the ones that are in the for sale group. All of the hardware, except the lock is original. Even the handle was in good condition. They cleaned up and polished pretty good. When I got the chest, the bottom part of the lock was missing and I did not have a spare, so new lock. The box itself was pretty solid. Only had to re-glue the joints on the front panel and repaired two drawers. New screws and rivets. Lots of sanding, Provencial 211 minwax oil stain, and 3 coats of spar. Finished off by re-painting the mirror frame with black lacquer, and putting in new felt. The color of the wood in photo #1 is the same as the other two. I guess I was casting a shadow in the first photo. It wasn't until I posted to see the difference.


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    Does anyone know when they stopped using side latches on the 42? I'm trying to ballpark date mine, and I thought it was 50s era going by the label and hinges, but I read somewhere that the side latches were gone by then (mine has side latches). It has the 'dubbed' corners if that helps narrow it down.

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