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Thread: Holder on side of Chest

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    Holder on side of Chest

    I got a Model 41 and there is a strip of spring steel attached under the bottom screw of the catch on the right side of the chest. I haven't seen one before. It looks like a manufactured piece and I assume it was used to keep papers, work orders, and such. Was this a Gerstner option or a machinist add on?Transformed_IMG_1635.JPGTransformed_IMG_1634.JPG

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    User459: The only time I have ever seen this type of an attachment is inside the top lid and it was used to hold spec. sheets and such for the item the machinist was working on. My guess is that having such an attachment on the outside is probably an add on by the machinist that owned the chest. I have never seen one on the outside the chest before.

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    The spring would have been added by the machinist.

    I have seen springs, clips, and other paperwork holders on the outside and inside of the chests in the past, but they were not anything that Gerstner offered as an accessory.

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    Thanks, Scott, it won't be going back on with the rest of the hardware.

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    I have a #41 leatherette box with the same clip, same side. Bet its factory.

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    See post #3 above from the Gerstner & Sons president. I'm pretty sure it was an add-on by a previous owner.


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