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Thread: Who Are You?

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    I have missed a couple of Neslein chests on EBay. They looked nice but I didn’t know anything about them. Thank you Terry.

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    Hi, My name is Bob. I am a semi-retired professional photographer who worked in the entertainment industry for over 40 years. Being completely honest I had never heard or seen or heard of Gerstner box until about a month a go. One of my hobbies(obsessions) is collecting knives, Japanese Kitchen knives, folders and some fixed blades, I had someone make me a custom birds-eye maple knife block for my kitchen knives years ago but have been frustrated for years on how to store my folders and fixed blades. Well a month or so ago while on the Koenig knife group page someone there with a very nice collection showed them in Gerstner chest, it look ed so good and beautifully made, I was sure I had found my solution. Now all I had to do was find one, at first I was just going to order a new one but as I looked around, a I found a beautifully restored Oak 42 from the 50s, I bought it and I am anxiously waiting for it to arrive today. Then while checking out stuff on Ebay I stumbled over an Oak B-20 base in pretty good condition, so I picked that one up too. now I just need to stop before I pick up another one to store parts to my camera collection.

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    Don't stop now, keep going!

    Welcome to the obsession, Bob. Many of us started the exact same way.

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    Hey Bob, there’s a saying for what you did – You bought A COLLECTABLE CHEST FOR YOUR COLLABLES. Many people do. Welcome aboard……Ted

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    Thanks for the welcome both showed up and I am thrilled, may have found the next one but I am not sure if it is the size I need. Here are my first two
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Those look great, Landshark!

    These chests make admirable collection boxes for a fellow’s knives, pocket watches, a favorite pistol or two, etc. Just the ticket for properly housing the cherished essentials. I’ve explained to my wife that mine is for my ”guy stuff.”

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    I just added one more a very nice O31A from the 40s
    Gertstner O31A.jpg


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