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    My problem, maybe but soon not to be problem. The garage is so small, this is where I keep most of the chests. I have 12 others that are in what I call My Collection and not for sale. The soon not to be a problem is going to be solved by an out of state buyer who contacts my wife every couple of years looking for Gerstners only. He has made a verbal agreement to buy these eleven chests that I have worked on. The transfer is going to be sometime next week if everything goes well. You know, the thing about counting chickens before.....The old fart in the photo is, I hate to admit it, me. She took a photo of the chests he selected and sent it to him. Now I have nothing to work on.


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    It's good to clear out some inventory, but it's also good to have projects waiting in the wings. I sold five boxes at a show in Vero Beach yesterday. It was painful to see some of them go, but it helped to know they were going to good homes. The buyers all fell in love with their chests!


    I had finished up a National just before the show and have a Pilliod and a Union waiting for me in the shop.
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    Too bad we don't have local venues like that around here. It's funny, looking at the photo with the chests in your truck. I have the same moving blanket, color an all, in the bed of my truck.

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    I shuffle them back and forth to shows around here all the time. This time I rented a 5X8 U-Haul trailer to help with 30+ boxes and tent, tables, chairs, etc.

    Speaking of old farts:

    20160220_100031 (2).jpg

    Here I am explaining about where the Machinery's Handbook is stored on a Style 42 chest.

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    You guys are great - wish I lived around to see all your boxes at a show; such great work. Always great to swing through here and check on things. Still have all my chests, including the Dovetailed 1914 that I want one of you guys to fix up for me someday. Who wants it?

    Life is pretty crazy right now, 2 girls under 3 and another on the way. My oldest daughter, Annabelle, has noticed I have all these "wood boxes" in the basement. I showed her my knife collection the other day and all she had to say was "Careful Dadder, your wood box is old and pretty - don't cut it!"...She'll be 3 next month.

    Matthew Ward | Milw. WI

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    Three is my favorite age! I'm up in Connecticut from Florida to see my new grandson. My daughter has four girls, 8,7,4 and 2; now a newborn boy! What fun!

    Of course, I managed to score another tool box while up here.... I got an old Union Tool Chest Works, Rochester, N.Y. box thrown in as part of another deal. Turns out it may well be 100 years old! I shipped it back to Florida yesterday.

    Story and pictures here:


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    Terry - you find all the good ones! I used to live in Rochester.. well Brockport, actually. Nice area. Erie Canal was out my back door.

    That union looks similar to the 031 Dovetails I've got. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
    Matthew Ward | Milw. WI

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    Hello Kenlew,

    My late wife gave me a chest right after we got married in 1977. i used to to keep small tools and it is still in mint condition. I love it. Just bought a larger chest and base online used and will get it after I return from a early December trip. Looking forward to it. I should have been buying these up over the years. I like quality and Gerstner is quality. I sold Snap-On Tools in the 80's and like Gerstner, they are quality and expensive. I live in Rhode Island.


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    Greetings, JimmyG here from just outside Detroit. Just joined a few days ago after finding an old Star chest at the Habitat for Humanity store nearby. Twenty Five hours later, I had a family heirloom to pass on. Really enjoyed working with metal and wood, figuring out the sly locking pins and how they worked and made a few mistakes, but learned along the way on a cheap chest. (Cost me $7 bucks.) Just retired from a major insurance company after 25 years in the financial services industry and enjoying the time off until I decide what I want to be when I grow up. I now have a chest to keep all those pocket knives in I have collected over the years!


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