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Thread: Used gun blue for refinishing hardware on Star Chest

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    Used gun blue for refinishing hardware on Star Chest

    I'm new to this hobby and really like the notion of being able to work with metal and wood together. I acquired an old Star chest from the local Habitat store and it was pretty rough. Water damaged top and handle which I proceeded to lift off and replace. I also took the hardward and worked those with emory paper until shiny. Then I used gun blue on them to give them a really nice gun metal blue/gray tone. Looking forward to suggestions and guidance as I acquire additional chests.

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    Welcome to the obsession! You'll find some info on my website. I've used black oxide solution on those before.


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    Thanks Terry, your site was very useful in learning to remove the rivets. I am now searching craigslist and other sources for more tool boxes. Really enjoying taking something old and making it new or as close to new as possible. Hope to see more on this site.

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    Be careful what you wish for...

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