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Thread: Single Drawer Base

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    Single Drawer Base

    @Josh suggested that we make a single drawer base like we have in the past. On our current production run of B42B bases, we took one of the bases and made a single drawer to take up the entire cavity of the base.

    In order to maintain stability of the drawer, we used Cherry Plywood for the drawer front and Birch Plywood for the sides and back. The drawer is a monster, with an inside height of 5", so we didn't want to have to glue up boards for the front, and worry about bowing or twisting with solid parts on the drawer.

    Here are some pictures of the base in Cherry (with an Oak chest sitting on it).

    IMAG0203.jpg IMAG0204.jpg IMAG0205.jpg

    The B42B base is deep enough to hold a style 42, 41D or any other 18" to 20" wide chest.

    Any opinions, comments, concerns...?

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    Love it.

    I assume with the use of plywood, it could hold extra weight? My current base is full of tooling, and is very full.

    I'm sure it will be a hit with guys out in the shop who need the extra height!



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