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Thread: key chain?

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    I just checked the post counts tonight, and Sky67 has qualified for the Last key chain. Thank you for all of your posts.

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    I found one more key chain in my desk. I am going to send you since you qualified with 10 new posts.

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    If you happen to find anymore let know. Those key chains look great and wouldn't mind having one myself.

    I'll be posting pics of my Gerstner chests soon. I restored one, in the process of restoring another and just picked one up today that is on amazing shape.

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    I will check my desk for more key chains. I think that i can come up with something for you and other members of the forum when they hit 10 posts.

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    Thanks. I will be bird-dogging the mail lady until it gets here.

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    Did everyone see the new Key Chains?

    They look pretty sweet, and a result of direct feedback from this forum!

    Thanks Scott!

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    Just saw 'em. They look great!
    Ken Lewellyn

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    oh,yeah. that's great! gonna have to grab one of those w/ my next order.

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    Thanks everyone I like how they turned out.

    The key chains came in about a week ago, but I haven't had time to post some pictures because I have been out in the factory helping in production.



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