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Thread: Making a replacement front panel for National No. 60O

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    Making a replacement front panel for National No. 60O

    Hi, just joined the forums, as I recently acquired a National Cabinet No 60O that's missing it's front panel / drawer cover. I'd like to build a replacement, but want to try and match the "real thing" in terms of dimensions for the stiles, rails, and floating panel.

    Does anyone have those dimensions?

    Thanks in advance.

    machinist chest before cleaning 1.jpgmachinist chest before cleaning 2.jpg

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    I have several National 60O's on my web site. I'll get measurements for you when I gat back to my Connecticut home next week.

    You are lucky that you have the mirror frame. I just completed a 64O without one and had to use a Gerstner frame instead.

    Terry Rushbrook, Melbourne, FL and Broad Brook, CT.

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