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Thread: New O 43 owner with interesting marking inside

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    Question New O 43 owner with interesting marking inside

    Iíve recently acquired a O 43 from my uncle that has no history of the toolbox. Inside it says. H. Gerstner & Sons, With a B and then in pencil it says #494 which is also on a few of the drawers on the back. Just curious if this means anything. 5F8CEE92-3BB1-4A92-9DF4-0DBBA92A974B.jpg5F8CEE92-3BB1-4A92-9DF4-0DBBA92A974B.jpg

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    Welcome aboard. The B was the production run and the 494 was the assembly number for your components. They don't have anything to do with your Style # or age of chest. The stencil you posted was used from 1940 thru 1959. Have a good one.......Ted


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