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Thread: lid latch spring

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    lid latch spring

    Does anyone know if the replaceable Gerstner latch spring will work in a Union lid latch? I have compared a Gerstner and Union latch side by side and they appear the same size wise.

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    The catches were made by Eagle lock company and are virtually identical. It's just that Gerstner opted to have theirs engraved with their name. The springs will work in either.
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    Hi. Based on the date of query and answer, very recent, one would assume there are "Replaceable Gerstner Latch Spring" that is compatible with a Union Latch, avail in the Gerstner restoration parts store. I see nothing but complete latches, no reference anywhere to being able to replace only the spring component of the latch, thereby retaining the original old patina'd latch. Did they discontinue in the past two months, or do you know where components of latches are for sale that I missed? I also have old Union cases, some w tired latch springs. rsvp thanks!

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    Disregard, saw the comment about the tool made from banding strap, went to video, noted spring in the video, was able to locate in the restoration parts listings. Issue was forum calls it latch spring and restoration calls it catch spring. Semantics of English, not used to different ways to refer to same item yet, haven't restored enough of these boxes yet. Good to go.


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