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Thread: Nickle plating old hardware and identification

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    Nickle plating old hardware and identification


    I'm new to the group and have two questions.

    1. My box is a 2610 with a serial number inside 2449 is it possible to identify the age from the serial number?

    2.My hardware is rusty and I would like to re-plate rather than replace. Can you recommend a source the can produce the original Nickel type plating?

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    I can't help with the serial number/aging question .
    Before you totally give up on your hardware have you tried EvapoRust and then buffing and polishing? You might be surprised. I see you are in Michigan I am in Dearborn.

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    Welcome, Mark!

    I am relatively quite new to this, Gerstners, but when you say “my box is a 2610 with serial number 2449” it does not make sense to me. Maybe it’s not a Gerstner but another brand?

    If you look at this website with care, I think it likely you will learn what it is that you have:

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    The answer to your first question is, No! The serial number is not related to a manufacturing date, it is just a number assigned to keep track of the box components within the factory.

    2. Andy is right about the hardware. What may look like rust is actually nickel oxide, easily removed by the process he suggests. To replate the hardware, the old nickel would have to be electrolytically removed, the unit plated in copper, and then re-nickeled. A very expensive process which obliterates any engraving, etc, on the hardware piece.

    3. It is nickel, not nickle. Look it up.

    Check out details on my web site: https://gerstnertoolchest.shutterfly...orationdetails



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