Sometimes you encounter greatness. Sometimes greatness thrusts itself upon you.

Honestly I am not a real horologist nor a real watch collector. However last year I became enamored with "tool watches" as a basic style (compare to dive watches, dress watches, etc.).

Then, a real convergence in the Force: Within days of each other this past week, I got eBay deals on two items from the [East] German firm, Muhle Glashutte (formerly Muhle & Sohn).

In the foreground is the late-model watch that struck me as beautiful, which I finally got used, the Muhle Glashutte M29 Classic, styling attributed to a M29 measurement gauge they used to make for watchmakers, earlier in their 140-year history.

In the background is the Muhle & Sohn M29 measurement gauge! I can't believe I found one. It can measure down to 1/100 mm.

Muhle Reunion.jpg

Happy hunting!