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Thread: Another New Old Union

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    Another New Old Union

    This B-20 had a stamp on one of the plywood drawer bottoms from the plywood manufacturer that said the plywood was inspected on November 11, 1918. Before pictures:
    Bill Sartore - Miniature lighting for model railroad structures

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    Some after shots:

    I was able to find a key blank online and filed it down to work in the lock. The old round locks let you see the "goings on" inside the lock so you can see how it works. Filing the key was a new lesson learned. Too bad I can only apply what I learned to those old round Yale locks.

    Again - thanks to Terry (user459) for his online "mentoring." I dunno though... I've had my share of dealing with all the schmutz and weasel snot from stripping a oak chest. I think I might stick to recovering the old leatherette boxes.
    Bill Sartore - Miniature lighting for model railroad structures

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    Great refinishing job Slim. I love its looks......Ted


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