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Thread: Little help please!

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    Little help please!

    Recently, acquired this beautiful chest that has the craftsmanship, styling, and look of a Gerstner chest. Unable to
    identify a model or
    find a comparable picture. Dimensions of the chest are 26" x 19" x 11". The top storage area is 5 1/4" deep. Chest has 5 drawers, 2 half width and 3 full width, which are 2 1/4" deep. It has a center post mechanism that keeps drawers in place when moving chest. Completely felt lined throughout, corner protectors, and mirror in lid. Works smoothly and quite clean. Indications are that it was used as a craft and hobby chest. Thanks for any assistance.
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    I believe that it might be a Gerstner International chest, which I don't have any info on. Hopefully somebody from Gerstner will respond......Ted

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    The hardware looks strange to me and the configuration of the drawers and the front locking bar is not something I have seen before. I highly doubt Gerstner had anything to do with this chest...


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