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Thread: Gerstner Stencil with Period Dates added

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    Gerstner Stencil with Period Dates added

    The Gerstner Stencil on the inside of the bottom board, has been defined and added to Pg 10b and Pg 10c. There’s a definite difference in the stencils used from 1940 – 1959 and the one used in 1960 & later.
    As a result of this study the Period Dates of 1954 – 1959 for the Rec. w/# nameplate have been changed to 1960 & later. I did not find any justification for the 1954 – 1959 date. It seemed right at the time, but not now.
    Good luck as we continue to refine your source of facts…….Ted

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    Thank you so much, Ted, for that wonderful guide, and for all the knowledge you dispense so freely to us newbies. That’s a massive amount of research you have put together, and that you continue to add to for the benefit of all.

    I have recently acquired a model 52. I thought I would detail here how your research and guidance helped me, specifically, date my chest.

    First, from your guide:

    The first clue I had was the front panel is recessed, which meant 1954 or later:

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    I next looked to the lower drawer decal for clues, but, no decal:

    Ted explained, though, that if I looked carefully I could likely see the residual impression of the lost decal. Caught in the right light, as above, one can.

    But, how to tell the difference between the “rounded Rec. No #” and “Rounded Rec. w/#?” The impressions left behind look quite similar.

    Ted explained that the “Rec. No #” had three levels below and above, where as the “Rec. w/#” has three levels below but only two levels above. Since mine has three levels below and three levels above, it is a “Rec. No#.:

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    Then the confirmation from the stencil, as explained by Ted in the first post of this thread:

    The lettering is arched, top and bottom, but as can be seen most clearly by the bowed “Dayton, Ohio.”

    So, thanks to Ted’s research and generous advice, I learned that since my chest has a recessed front panel, a “Rec. No#” decal (residual image), and an arched stencil, my chest was built by Gerstner between 1954 and 1959.

    Thanks, Ted! Much appreciated.

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    Thanks much to you Onomea for your appreciation and this excellent, detailed, report. Nice to see 'The' Guide is working......Ted

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    Wow thanks with this info I can tell my Gerstner model 042 is from "54-"59

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    You betcha, Landshark. Toolbox Ted sure knows his stuff!

    Very nice condition on that 042.


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