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Thread: Seeking historical info on Star chest and National Tool & Chest Co

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    Seeking historical info on Star chest and National Tool & Chest Co

    This is a bit of a cross post. I picked up my first wood machinist chest this week. I've been told it is a Star brand made by National Tool and Chest Co of Chicago, IL. From some pics I've seen I believe that's the case but google searches haven't provided much of any details regarding historical information on Star and/or National Tool and Chest Co. That's what I'm hoping to find here. Any tips, details, links or recommended searches would be much appreciated. I'm also wondering what period my chest would have been sold. If anyone is aware of any online catalogs listing Star chests that would be great and if that included pics all the better.


    Here's my new chest.


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    Here is a link with some more info.
    Based on that it was made sometime between 1946 and 1955.

    I am in process of resorting the same chest I got from my dad.
    I have not found any old catalogs for Star. On the lid under the felt someone had wrote 5415 and the same number on the inside of the chest. Guess that is the model model but I can find no proof of that.

    Good luck and if you find anything more please post it here. I'm trying to get more info on these myself.

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    That's my problem also, can't find any catalogs for STAR. If you do run across something, please let me know......Ted


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