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Thread: Per Stencil, This is Hickory, Right?

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    Per Stencil, This is Hickory, Right?

    Update: ToolBoxTed kindly informed me that the H401 is indeed a lot number.

    Bought a 52 recently. My first Gerstner. I assumed it was an 052 but stencil looks to me like it says H52. That means it’s hickory right?

    Edited: Actually, it says H 401. Maybe nothing to do with the wood type.... Lot number?
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    What's the difference between the hickory 52 and the regular 52 anyway?

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    I’m a novice at this, but most chests are made of Oak, so most 52s are O52s, with O for Oak. My chest, I think I have determined, with ToolBoxTed’s help, that my 52 dates from 1954 to 1959. It does not have a model number on it. I was confused initially about this. I saw the H and thought, “Hickory!”

    At some later date, stencils started to include a letter plus model number, as in 052. I think H52 for hickory, and W52 for walnut exist as well. Apparently M52s don’t, although mahogany 52s exist. Dunno about cherry...

    Anyway... I’m having a lot of fun figuring this stuff out.

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    The "H" is nothing more than a production run number. It has nothing to do with the type of wood and is useless in trying to determine the age of the chest. "O" 52's are made of Oak. Gerstner did not make a full range of labels accounting for all the woods they used either. I have seen many mahogany chests labelled as "O". You will have to depend on other resources to make a logical determination. Starting with Ted was a great idea. Please visit his web site to narrow down your search.


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