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Thread: 41C Restoration

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    41C Restoration

    So I found this guy on a local CL ad. The woman selling it had started to convert it into a jewelry box. She had removed the felt and replaced it with wall paper. After seeing all the tags on it and seeing that the box had a cool history to it, I decided I needed to rescue it. The drawer fronts had leather glued to them with contact cement. I tried cleaning the outside, but what was left of the finish started to flake off. That combined with the fact that I'd never get the contact cement off the drawers without either destroying their finish or using sandpaper led me to decide to completely strip the box and refinish from scratch. All the hardware except the handle and nameplate is original. It was all removed, cleaned, polished, then reinstalled. All the tags were carefully removed, cleaned, then reinstalled at the end. Here's a couple of before and afters.
    IMG_20191110_115445 (2).jpg IMG_20191110_123153.jpgIMG_20191221_234246 (1).jpgIMG_20191221_234222.jpg

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    I love what you have done with this chest. You have made it beautiful but have preserved its genealogy. It tells a story. All I can say is wow.
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    That is a very cool restoration. It sure does show it’s lineage.


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