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Thread: hello from Rhode Island

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    hello from Rhode Island


    young machinist here from Rhode island. i got into the trade about 9 years ago and worked with a old tool and die maker at my first shop who told me about gerstner tool chests. the shop was kinda nasty and not the greatest people working there. he said he would never bring them into that shop. well years pass as i get more into the trade and really interested in machining i found myself seeing all the old school guys who really knew what they were doing would have gerstner chests. i started falling in love with the look and overall appeal they had. but looking at the price tags on the gerstner site took me back a bit haha.

    ive been on and off looking at the forum a couple years and joined this past winter and recently grabbed what i think is very decent shape O42 box. im not exactly sure of the age but it came with a 15th edition machinist hand book. and the wider version drawer slot because i keep my 27th edition handbook in the drawer. felt is decent. no stains or rips. no bad smell. thats what i was afraid of.

    i use it at work to keep all my precision measuring equipment and instruments stored. the shop is fairy clean, heat, ac and air scrubbers. no other shifts work in my area which is nice. dont find that often. so i feel confident keeping my chest there. a older machinist there has a wild set up he said he bought all new from gerstner in the 70s. its a base riser on bottom a base on top of that and then a O82 on top. its an impressive set up to say the least hahaha

    figured id show you guys my chest. im totally hooked now haha love these things

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    That is one beautiful O42! Welcome to the obsession...

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    Man do I agree with Terry. What a beautiful chest. I am so glad to hear that a beauty like this is being used for what it was intended by a guy in the trade. There is no more noble profession than Machinist.

    Happy New Year and congrats on the chest.
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