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Thread: Got a cheaper Scherr chest... now in triage

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    Got a cheaper Scherr chest... now in triage

    Well, I just got one of these after several years of laying off of the addictive chests. It came in the mail, and after a couple of days I gave it a once-over.

    - Leatherette over most of the chest could be saved if I desired.
    - Same for the leather handle.

    - Missing drop-front panel (I knew that going in). The necessary Latch is likewise missing.
    - Bottom 2 drawers are significantly "skewed" in all dimensions, and they bind up severely (I just found out).

    Scherr chest as bought.jpg

    So, I'll be ruminating on what to do here. I'm at least partly tempted to re-do the finish in veneers, but that could be a 5-year project


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    Didn't you guys tell folks to never pull off leatherette ?

    Now I've done it... And I despaired for some time. But I've recently bought some veneer of a nice heft that I think I can deal with. We'll see where this goes.

    Bare Scherr and Veneers.jpg


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    The chest looks terrible - which is just what I expected. Veneering is an art, I hope you are up for it. I have some old Scherr hardware back in Floida. I'll check it when I get there.


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    Hi Terry,
    Many thanks for your advice and generosity of knowledge.

    Curiosity continued, and I separated the whole carcass. Noting of course in the process that this low-end chest is nothing like a Gerstner in terms of joinery methods, etc.

    I could scarcely believe my eyes when I identified the source of drawer skewing: The guides in the carcass are offset, on left and right walls!

    I'm now at a point where there is minimal value in the original cabinet; it may serve as little more than a dimensional guide for something new. In any case, I've un-buried my shopmade fixtures for doing controlled routing with a (Shopsmith) Overarm Router I've had for 10+ years.




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