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Thread: Trying to verify authenticity

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    Trying to verify authenticity

    Hi! Iím trying to buy a Christmas present for my husband, but I want to make sure Iím not getting fooled because I donít know how to identify a real tool chest from a harbor freight knock off. Can someone help me and help me with an approximate worth if you think it is ďrealĒ? Thank you!

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    Sure we can Melissa. Post some pictures at various angles, opened and closed, and we'll chime in.......Ted

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    Well, given this thread is over a month old, I don't feel too bad hijacking it. I saw this on CL locally, and am picking it up tomorrow. I read on the Gerstner site for the three things to look for (stamp on latches, name plate, stamping on bottom of chest). Any feedback on authenticity is appreciated.




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    What are the dimensions of the box?

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    Sure looks like a Gerstner Style #O41A, O41B or O41C, depending on its dimensions......Ted

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    My 052 that i was able to locate and purchase #2

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    #3 and some history


    Chest Dimensions:
    26" wide x 15-3/4" tall x 9-1/2" deep

    if im wrong then i hope to find out what i have.

    Back story,

    My grandfather worked in NYC back in the 30's and 40's as a machinist he had from what i can remember a 042. He started a cutter grinder business that he had since i can remember, being born in 68'.

    I had been around his shop since i was 6yrs old helping where i could ( vacuming shop floor to other little jobs till i got older. My grand father started to teach me the business when i hit age 7yrs old. But as i got older I was a dumb teenager. Yes I will say it, when it was to late to come back to take control, My grandparents sold everything and moved south. I had talked to him all the time from before his move to a few days before his passing.
    My Loss was when my sister and her husband arrived where my grandfather was. She talked him out of the Tool chest for her husband. he took it home and "stripped and sanded the box to look brand new" I broke my heart to hear he had removed all the character the box had gotten over the years.

    So After i was able to find one over the years of searching. I happen to locate a 052 and proceeded to purchase it and bring it to my Shop. It needs work its missing the Handle, name plate on front , the Plate that covers the drawers needs some work. I am hopeful to keep this box for as long as my grandfather kept his.

    glad this site is available.

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