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Thread: Another NEW MEMBER Here - (My first Leatherette 52)

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    Another NEW MEMBER Here - (My first Leatherette 52)

    Hello. New Member here, so please excuse my basic knowledge of Gerstner and this forum. Hoping to learn from you fine folks.

    While trying to find a solution for my wifeís ever growing jewelry collection, I fell upon Gerstner chests. I managed to find a Leatherette 52 that didnít appear to need a ton of work without any missing parts. (See Attachments)

    Attachment 6842Attachment 6846Attachment 6841

    I immediately removed the worn green felt to remove some odor. I ordered red felt from Gerstner, along with new springs, feet and of course a key.

    Using Gerstnerís Restorer & Preserver and #0000 fine steel wool, I cleaned the leatherette. While it looks better, it still looked somewhat worn. I used Murphy Oil Soap on the face of the drawers, but reluctant to clean too much as my wife really liked the dark finish.

    After meticulously measuring the drawers, using horsehide glue, re-lined the interior with red, and re-glued small tears in the leatherette. Using black shoe dye on small marks in the leatherette and Motherís Back to Black as a final touch, the leatherette started to perk up. The Mrs. couldnít wait for me to finish! I came across some earring and necklace inserts at a local store that fit the top of the chest almost perfectly. After removing the cheap border used on the earring inserts, I added the red felt to compliment the chest. Wow! I was impressed how nice itís coming along with just a little elbow grease.

    Attachment 6847Attachment 6848Attachment 6849Attachment 6850Attachment 685184B7AE70-88F3-407A-B71E-7338E8C7A209.jpg84B7AE70-88F3-407A-B71E-7338E8C7A209.jpg

    Iíve ordered Evapo-Rust to cleanup any removable hardware, and wondering how to clean the lock and hinges without removing them from the chest. (Ideas please). Iíve picked up simechrome to use after the evapo-rust, but unsure if itíll do the trick.

    I have also had difficulties inserting the springs into the clasps. Scott (at Gerstner) has graciously offered to insert them for me, but Iíd really like to try and get it done myself. (Any suggestions.)

    Lastly, Iím hoping to figure a way to remove the ďoldĒ smell from the chest. Itís been vacuumed, wiped and buffed, but still has a slight musty smell. Hoping for ideas, as the Mrs. loves everything about it, but complains about the scent.


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    Try Funkaway. They atill complain about the odor of that, too, but it is better than the musty smell! That's just the nature of the beast: Complain, Criticize, Correct, and Condemn...

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    You really did a nice job on that. ��


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    Your choice of chest and methods and colors definitely fits the end-use location. Well done!


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    Such a great way to re=purpose a beautiful box! Your wife must be so pleased...

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    Fantastic job on this box. I think you need a few more now....right?
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    MEDAL your chest is a very fine piece of art.The red felt is very nice touch. Welcome to the community and enjoy the forum! You might also be intrested In one of our chests designed for jewelry Its called the J1811 or "treasure chest"

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    Thanks guys. My wife saw vintage Louis Vuitton chests with red lining online and requested the red felt in this model 52. I think she was right! I wish I could find an “olive green” felt with the same firmness/structure as Gerstner sells for my next project.

    That dark walnut treasure chest is awesome, just way too steep for my wallet WestleyR!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnCote View Post
    Fantastic job on this box. I think you need a few more now....right?

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    What I great looking chest! I've had some luck with odors from the funky smells of old, to the hide glue smells using sandlewood incense cones (a few in each drawer, or some cinnamon sticks) They add a pleasant smell, and you can remove or add a few if too strong. Take them out after the smells go away. Hope this helps. Dan

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    Looks like you did a great job on that chest. That red is really sharp looking!
    I’m working on a set that originally came with red felt, and it took me a month to decide to stick with the red. I’m glad I did, first because I already ordered it and second because the red really goes well with the Walnut.


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