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Thread: Two stuck door pins

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    Two stuck door pins

    Hello, my first post. Just picked up a 7 drawer box I believe. Not sure since the pins for the door are both rusted shut. Box was not well taking care of and I believe was in a very damp area for a long time. I have soaked pins with a derusting spray. No luck. I have tapped on pins with a brass pin. Next I tried drilling down into pin and running a tap down into pin so I could pull pin up. At that point I broke the small diameter tap off into the pin. So I am not in a good place at this point. My thought now is to put on milling machine and with a carbide end mill cut away pins and bushings and try and pull pin out. Hopefully carbide end mill will also cut out tap. My other thought would be to wedge shims between top of front door and bottom of top rail and then cut pins off so door opens. Then of course replace pins.
    Please correct my thinking here with any better ideas


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    Boy, they must be rusted
    beyond salvation! I think your idea of making space to get a hacksaw blade or some other blade (like an oscillating blade) in there to cut through the pins may be your only salvation. Once you get the front panel open, you should be able to drive the remainder of the pins and bushings out.

    If they have suffered so much water damage, what is the rest of the box like? Are the screws that hold the corner hardware on rusted as well? How about the veneer on the top and back?

    We love pictures!


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