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Thread: Decided against refinishing Oak 052 Chest

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    Decided against refinishing Oak 052 Chest

    Surgery to remove broken off screw(3), deep Finish restorer cleaning, 4 new bottom corners, 4 rubber feet, removed old green felt and replaced with Gerstner Brown to finish off my first box. Have about $600 total in it.

    Granted, I would have liked to have the time to refinish, but I have the stain if I decide to do it in the future. Not the best result, but I love the way the brown felt looks.

    Real pain to drill out broken screws, but the advice I received from Terry in a previous post on removing broken screws helped a good deal. The 1/8" dowel material I got at the hardware store worked perfect to fill the holes.

    Shes already 90% full!


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    It turned out great! Looks very elegant for an old tool chest... You should be proud to own it.

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    What a beautiful chest. The new felt looks great.
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