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Thread: Vintage Star- need help

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    Vintage Star- need help

    I was able to get my first tool chest, a Star from what I have figured out. My problem is that I donít have the top handle with the hardware. Any suggestions as to where I can get them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'll check...


    You are right, the handle ferrules for a Star chest are quie discinctive. I may have a set of ferrules hanging aroun. Unfortunately, I am away from my home in FLorida and up in New England until mid-October. I can check when I get back.

    You may find some helpful hints on my web site.

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    Thanks Terry. I had all but lost hope for finding some. Itís my first chest and though I donít want to go over board with restoration I do need the ferrules and a handle, a mirror and felt to redo it to the level that I want. I am a fly fisherman and will be using it as a noble fly tying chest to go with me on my fly fishing trips.

    Thanks for responding. Iíll keep an eye out later in October to see what you have available.

    Thanks again,


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