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    No Till Union

    A6C84DE3-3481-4C08-96E5-B97FC7F8C7E4.jpgC333F4DF-E195-4998-A30D-27CD6EBCD491.jpgC01462E8-6C6F-4518-A7A1-0D0814E062EF.jpg Finished a Union today. The back was gone, so I used 3 planks of 1/4 inch of mahogany. I butt joined them cut to size and installed. Every joint box and drawers need re-glued. There was only one partial left pull but enough to see that they had been the slender hour glass type. I had just enough of a similar style in my junk drawer. I could see that the original hardware was brass plated. Easy enough to replace with all new brass plated hardware from a stock pile that I bought from a guy some time ago.I went back to my junk drawer and found a replacement for the broken lock. Sand, stained, 3 coats of gloss and then finished with new felt. I found the decal in an old Gerstner that I bought for a project. Yep, a Union label in an old Gerstner. You canít have just one.
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    Yours is a Union D17 in Birch.

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    Thanks Terry. The next chest I’m doing is that Neslein from England. I’ve been working on it while waiting for the glue to dry on the Union. Believe me there was lots of time while the glue was drying on that chest.

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    Beautiful job on that Union Bill. Junk drawers sure come in handy at times. Glad to see you're still at it......Ted


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