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Thread: Is this a Gerstner?

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    Is this a Gerstner?

    Hello, i just purchased this, and it is being delivered to me.
    Is this a Gerstner chest?

    box 1.jpg


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    Doesn't look like a Gerstner I am familiar with.

    It has draw catches instead of snap catches or clasps

    I can't see a classic Gerstner mirror frame

    The beading on the drawers is on the top, rather than the bottom of the drawer fronts

    The front panel is removeable.

    The front panel is flat inside and has a knob outside.

    The small drawers all seem to be the same height.

    The small drawer configuration is backwards (deepest small drawer is on the left in a Gerstner)

    Other than these obvious non-Gerstner attributes, it is hard to tell without more detailed pictures and careful measurements.

    My conclusion: NOT a Gerstner...

    Check yours out against what you find here:
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    I agree with Terry and I don't know who the manufacturer was with the features mentioned......Ted


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