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Thread: My Other Wood Toolbox

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    My Other Wood Toolbox

    Well I guess that you can call it a toolbox. It's my once in a lifetime purchase. Many years ago I stopped at a supplier of ours and noticed his Starrett display. I asked him if he ever sold it, please let my have a chance at it.

    Fast forward a couple years and he called and said he was retiring. The only problem was the box belonged to Starrett. Said that I would sure like to keep them together so he wrote Starrett and they had no record of the box.

    I have a son the is an aerospace engineer, so guess it will be his one day unless one of the grandkids decides to do what grandpa did.


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    I believe they have a nice display of these tool advertising boxes at the Henry Ford Museum.
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    I'm a bit late for this post, but I have a similar Starrett display only mine is a countertop unit, and unfortunately didn't come with tools. I got it super cheap at a yard sale. Looks to be made of poplar.
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    Gerstner made a tool chest to Starrett's specs:

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    The gent that I purchased mine from said that Starrett provided the case without glass. He said that he had to pick out what tools he wanted in the case.

    Several years back I toured the Starrett museum and factory. The tour guide told me that they used to have a toolmaker that made all the display cases for them. He bent every sst bracket for each display case.


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