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Thread: Gerstner Chest Identifier

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    Gerstner Chest Identifier

    To All:

    My son has been working on a simple Chest Identifier, that can help identify styles of Gerstner chests, by answering a few questions.

    Before I make this webpage accessible to everyone from our website, I would appreciate any feedback, from the forum members that want to try it out.

    You can find the Tool Chest Identifier at:

    If you come across a chest style that isn't shown, use the E-mail Button at the end, to send me details about your chest.

    Thank you,
    Scott Campbell

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    I like it. Your son did a good job......Ted

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    Great tool! Thanks Ian!

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    Very cool - this is going to be a huge help to a lot of people. Great work.

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    Thanks for taking a look at the program.

    I have already received some feedback and change requests, to improve the program. Feel free to e-mail me directly, with any issues/suggestions you have.

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    Hi! New here. I like the Tool Chest Identifier. How does one tell the age of a chest? Someone asked me if the drawers are copper bottom or tin. I can't find anywhere to tell that. The front panel is routed.


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