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Thread: Wedell & Boers

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    Wedell & Boers

    Does anybody have a extra mirror around for a Wedell & Boers tool chest?

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    No, I don't have one and can't find a picture either. The first one I restored didn't have one, and the last one I restored, I made a mirror frame out of mahogany.


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    Didn’t think about making one....but will now.

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    Hello Dennis,
    I agree with Terry, probably have to make your own. So, I’ve attached pictures of a W&B standard mirror, 4" square glass, on a chest that I have, that has an ornate pressed metal frame that is 4 1/8" square, a J.M. Waterston wood framed mirror made by W&B and a Kwality Kase wood framed also made by W&B.
    Good luck with your selection…….Ted

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    Those pictures are priceless to me right now. Thanks so much.


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