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    Estate Sale Find

    Any thoughts on this one? I have looked at the "Guide" on Google, but none seem to match exactly. No markings that I can find other than the latches appear to say "Excelstor". Front cover is strange, maybe it was made by a previous owner?
    20 1/4" wide, 13 3/8" tall and 9 1/4" deep
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    Hi Jeffh,
    I do believe your chest was possibly made by the SheffieldCorp., Dayton, OH. I have dimensions and pictures of their chests from otherowners that look very similar to yours. I have never found anything identifyingtheir spec’s or product line and have therefore never included them in ‘The’Guide. I don’t know who the actual manufacturer was, but it MAY have beenNational Cabinet Co., Dayton.
    Sorry I can’t be more definitive……Ted

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    Thanks Ted. I appreciate the information.


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