Belonged to my grandfather (born 1884). My mother said he built it and he did build other furniture which I have so that may be true. There was a brass plate (about 5 x 3) on the front with his name but when I was young and stupid I took it off. Also when young and stupid I attempted to strip it but that only removed the brown paint and left it with this red tone that makes a damp rag reddish when you wipe it. Also I removed the wood holders in the lid for saws and such. It has been a coffee table for 25 ish years but it is heavy and I am old. It needs someone to love it pretty again. The picture of the lid shows the simple design of angles in the raised part. Glad I never did sand that part flat - but I wanted to because it makes things tip when you sit them there.
I live in Northern Michigan about 15 miles north of Cadillac and 50 Miles south of Traverse City.
I took pictures but not sure if I have to host them somewhere else before posting here. I will gladly email them to someone who knows how to do that and has somewhere is host them - I don't.