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    O42 Rescue

    I found this on eBay and it looks like it had been sitting in about an inch of water for an extended period of time. The bottom fittings were almost completely rusted away and the bottom and back plywood were rotted. The front cover was missing.

    Surprisingly the drawer felt seemed to be in very serviceable condition.

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    Making the new bottom was tricky even with a commercial jig.

    Veneering was hard and I think there still may be a couple of bubbles especially on the inside.

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    This was the kitchen table. I have a very understanding wife.

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    I spent a lot of time polishing with a Dremel and felt wheels and finished with Simichrome.

    This was before I trimmed off the excess felt in the corners but you should get the idea.

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    Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. Great work!

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    Terrific job - more than I would have tackled. I would have kept the hardware and scrapped the rest....

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    Thanks, Terry. Your info helped a lot and provided me a lot of guidance.

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    I am totally amazed. Beautiful work.
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    You guys are spectacular

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    It's beautiful - came out great!


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