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Thread: Need help identifying this box

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    Need help identifying this box

    Hi folks,
    My first time posting here. I joined this forum hoping I could identify my Dad's old wood toolbox. He was a machinist starting in the mid-thirties and evntually ended up as VP of the place. I remember this box when he used it in the shop and I remembered it being a Gerstner. I'm 75 now now and decided to find his old box and restore it. I was a tool and die maker/die sinker for over forty years, so I DO have experience with Gerstner boxes.

    I got the old box out of storage today and it definitely needs a lot of work. But in doing research today on this site, I'm not so sure this is a Gerstner. I'm thinking it might be a Union box. There are quite a few parts missing from it and naturally there is no product name plate in the parts that I have. It measures the same as a O41B. All of the drawer numbers match (written in pencil on the backside of each drawer. It measures 20 inches wide by 8-5/8 deep and 13-1/2 inches tall overall. The lock does NOT have the Gerstner name stamped on it. The drawer slides look to be Gerstner as they are glued into slots on the side of the box and no nails present. They are .280 wide and stick out of the side .125, which corresponds to the way Gerstner made their boxes.

    IF this is a Gerstner, I was going to order parts to restore it. If not, then I won't do anything with it. Hope you folks can help.

    box 1 05 10 2019.jpg
    box 3 05 10 2019.jpg
    box 6 closeup of lock 05 10 2019.jpg
    box 2 05 10 2019.jpg

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    Gary I believe its a 41b check out my link & see if you agree

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    Hi Gary, welcome to the forum. I can tell you that your chest is not a Gerstner because it doesn’t have the horizontal divider board between the upper small drawers and the lower large drawers. All Gerstner #41’s have this board, no matter age.
    My immediate impression was that it’s a Union Steel Chest Corp. Style B-20. However, your dimensions do not match theirs. Would you please verify that your dimensions are outside of the closed chest wood, not including any hardware or handle.
    Sorry it’s not a Gerstner, but maybe the bug will bite you anyway. Check out my web site -
    Have a good one……Ted

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    I agree, it is not a Gerstner. The hardware is wrong and the upside down numbers on the backs of the drawers indicate it may be a Union, as Ted says.


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