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Thread: Why do I keep restoring leatherette chests?

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    Why do I keep restoring leatherette chests?

    Once again...out of Rhode Island from a gentleman in his mid-80s. It was his fathers and it was a mess. Leatherette was patched using a different technique I recently stumbled on. Handle by "Mr. Handle." Hardware has a patent date of 1909. It will go with my other 100 year-old chests. Wonderful history and those are usually my favorite.
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    More pics

    Really like this now that it's completed. Supposedly from one the New England's finest machinists and his record may prove it true.
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  3. #3 the way. At the end I put the new Gerstner label on since the old one couldn't be saved. Gerstner does a nice job providing older labels, except these. I really work hard making a chest match the old chests....from the felt, the glue I use....everything, but this thing just doesn't look right. I wish they would make the old decal to match the older chests.

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    It looks great! It seems you have perfected your own method of leatherette restoration.

    I still love these boxes, though they are not the best sellers, and my wife rags on me when I buy one. She just doesn't get the history, form, and function like we do.

    I just finished a chest by an unknown maker and have at least 16 other leatherette boxes in stock.


    Since the hardware is riveted on, I didn't remove it and polish it like I usually do. I just cleaned it up in place.

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