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Thread: Anything going on in 2019?

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    Anything going on in 2019?

    I haven't seen any events or happenings posted for this year, even for the Owner's Club Appreciation Day! Nothing on the Web Site either....

    There's nothing planned for 2019?

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    Funny this was brought up because I was thinking about the same thing. I imagine there has to be something scheduled.

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    Just posted:

    June 7, 2019Gerstner Owners Club Day - Only open to Members
    (must be a member prior to this day to attend)
    Members may bring guests for a $15.00 fee per guest.
    Guests will be allowed to purchase items and participate in activities.
    Location: H. Gerstner & Sons - Dayton, OH.

    Click here for more information on joining the Gerstner Owners Club.

    June 14-15, 2019 Gerstner's 39th Annual Spring Sale
    and Warehouse Sale

    Location: H. Gerstner & Sons - Dayton, OH.
    Open to the Public


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