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Thread: Restored three boxes for Steve

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    Restored three boxes for Steve

    A guy sent three boxes over to me from Naples, FL, via a friend who was coming to Melbourne. His friend dropped of an O52, and O41A, and a base for the O52. They were in varying states of disrepair, but I brought them back to life and matched them to each other. (The base was significantly younger than the O52.)

    IMG_4831.jpgright side up.jpg

    You can see more on these links:



    He won't be able to get out this way until late March, so they will be resting comfortably inside until then.
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    I finished the boxes and was curious about how they were going to be used. Was this guy going to resell them? Was he going to re-use them as places to house some sort of collectibles? Were they going to become jewelry boxes?

    So, I boldly asked him. Here is his reply:

    "I will be using the boxes to hold machine tools andaccessories. I own a manufacturing business and am a self-taught manualand CNC machinist. I will use the boxes to hold indicators, and the toolsI use on a regular basis."

    I was floored and well pleased to hear that they will be used for their original purpose! That is truly unusual in the present day!

    I just finished a 2 day Art & Craft show in Cocoa, FL, and I am sick of hearing people refer to my collection as "jewelry boxes." So many of them have no idea about what their intended use was and cannot fathom that these works of art could have been used in such a humble role as a tool box.

    Oh well, I guess it's my job to spread the word...


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    Completed W52. I really like the way the grain stands out. This will be my last one for awhile. We are in escrow right now, both with our current house and the one we are buying. We are moving to Utah and out of this *** *** *****. So anyway, all of my tools and supplies are now packed up and waiting to be picked up by the movers.

    IMG_0432 (1).jpg


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