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Thread: Received Pilliod chest as gift, looking for assistance

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    Received Pilliod chest as gift, looking for assistance

    I am new to the world of wooden tool chests. I received a Pilliod tool chest as a gift from my parents because they thought it was neat and I would like it. They have done a restore after they found it in a barn. It was missing the front “door” and got a price of oak to replace it. I would like it to look more authentic but I am not sure what I need to do to do that. I think it is a model 56 but I am not positive. I will try to attach some pictures. Any help would be great!

    Thank you

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I have done a few Pilliods and you may find the visual you need here:

    Many were tool cases, but if you scroll down far enough, you may find a chest or two. Regardless, the panels are s lot alike. They are made of three pieces; the main body of solid wood horizontal with two narrow pieces joined to either side of it vertically with full length tongue and grooves. This method adds to the stability of the panel and prevents warpage of a single piece of wood as a panel.

    Good luck and welcome to the obsession!


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    Wow, you have restored a tool boxes. I have been looking around for some similar cases. Is there a good place to source parts or just pickup a similar case if possible? I feel like this will snowball if I keep getting more and more cases to restore other ones. I will feel obligated to keep going. Are the panels attached in anyway to the case or does it just freely store under the drawers?

    Thank you for the help!


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