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Thread: Coming (not) Soon! Black & Decker Valve Seat Grinder box fix-up

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    Coming (not) Soon! Black & Decker Valve Seat Grinder box fix-up

    Well, I've been out of restorations about 3-4 years now. I got the itch again lately, but I didn't want *quite* the elaborate set of components and rigor that a Gerstner demands. So, I have just received in this "raw material." I hope to customize it a bit and make it less dedicated to a (mostly extinct) tool.


    I will post back in every so often... I don't have a lot of free time but this should get some attention coming up.


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    I have started tearing into the chest. I would like to re-use the box-joints a lot. But the thing needed to be taken apart to get rid of the extra fixturing pieces inside. In doing so, the joints themselves came apart generally well, but there were (frustratingly opposing) small brads through several of them that led to cracking of a couple of the planks.

    No worries, the outer oak planks are cleanly re-glue-able and this has begun, using the complement pieces as "gauge blocks" to keep them dimensionally accurate across the many fingers. The extra internal fixture pieces are now out (most of them poplar, but one of them a very nice little plank of fruitwood). The drawers will need a bit more "figuring" on how to get them emptied of their specific contents. The underside of one drawer shows a 1942 date code .

    BD chest planks gluing.jpgBD Chest parts to Save.jpg


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    I really like what you are doing

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    Love this thread. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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    I hope the "Black and Decker" lettering can be saved as much as you can....if not, I understand. I have done some "re-lettering" with my paint skills, but I'm really liking the progress of this project. What a great change of pace to us here.

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    Black & Decker

    I have one of those panels hanging in my shop. The box is long gone. I filled the empy spaces with drawers and it sold quickly at a local craft show. I can't remember how I ended up with a spare panel, but it looks good on the wall.


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    Great inputs from all !

    I think I may be best off if I save the lettered front panel as a souvenir, like Terry has shown.

    As I fiddle with the slide-in drawers (now successfully emptied), I realize the innards of the box may now be served better by some custom front door arrangement. Either some side-swing doors, or possibly an articulated up/down-swinging panel, similar to a Van Dorn grinder box I saw pictured. The existing single front panel is fairly awkward now that the whole lower half of the box is vacant from the removed fixture-blocks. Wheels are turning....


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    The box-jointed drawer faces are the best!

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    I think I've crested the hill for taking junk apart. This included rabbeting-off some punky edges which I will replace. While I had the router equipment out, I also cut some 1/4" shallow troughs to accept some 1/4" marquetry I have on hand. Just something to help distract the eye from repaired cracks, etc.

    Also I fired up the bandsaw and resawed some red oak I have on hand. This will be a proof-of-concept on a 2-part hinged front panel. The leftover skinny stuff will *probably* be about right for little drawer-bottoms.

    Now time for a break, to enjoy the end of the Polar Vortex with a warmer day outside


    Cleaned up Oak Parts.jpg

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    Through the week I don't get much time downstairs in the basement. But one little step is accomplished. The lower plank, as mentioned earlier, had a punky front edge which I rabbeted off. Shown here, I add an oversize strip onto the rabbet, and then I trim it down to approximate the original. I also decided to glue one box-jointed corner tonight

    Adding Stock to Rabbet.jpgStrengthened Lower Lip.jpg

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    Some fitting and trials now in progress. The front panel is a hinged 2-piece job (not all hinges in place yet). Some of the marquetry is installed, and other channels are yet to be filled.

    Fold_down Front Scheme.jpgFront Part Fitting.jpgShooting Panel Top.jpg

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    Very creative! You are turning a sow's ear into a silk purse! Great work.

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    Well, we've got company arriving shortly at the house. But I wanted to try out that front door. Marquetry strips are installed, and the latch hardware set (old Eagle hasps and some clever original screws) was lightly buffed-out for a maintained patina. The thing does open and close pretty well, a relief!

    Later I will have to figure out a strategy for the top handle (or not), and some treatment of the drawers which are very nice but not the prettiest color (maybe they're not oak)...

    Thanks for watching

    Hinged Panel Installed.jpg


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    I got some goodies to help the cause.

    A new handle intended for some guitar-amps was compatible with the dog-legs that I kept (along with their original holes and screws).

    I got some nice Baltic Birch to use for a couple of new drawer-bottoms.

    There is some antiquing and staining in progress here as well...




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