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Thread: Coming (not) Soon! Black & Decker Valve Seat Grinder box fix-up

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    Sort of a waste-not-want-not (or sausage-making?) theme continues. I'm sorting through a bunch of old and new red-oak planks to select a ship-lapped back set.

    Also, 2 drawers got new baltic-birch bottoms, while the 3rd was good enough to re-use, as long as I removed, shortened, and re-plugged 12 dowel spots (old holders for B&D rotary tool attachments). The drawer bottoms will be getting felt ultimately, so this will work....

    Parts for Shiplapped Back.jpgPlugging 3rd Drawer.jpg

    Happy hunting!

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    Nice work, keep us posted on your progress.

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    Thanks, all, for following!

    I got the back installed and I'll be taking a break. Really all done except some felt in the drawers now; it will happen soon enough.

    Best Regards

    Back Slats Trimmed.JPGOpen Chest with Back.jpg


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