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Thread: Hello! New member! Need some help determining the style of my boxes...

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    Hello! New member! Need some help determining the style of my boxes...

    Hi Everyone,
    New member here. I have recently acquired 2 boxes that belonged to my great grandfather. Both boxes came with 3 keys combined and neither key opens either lock so thats odd to me.


    Box 1 has 7 drawers and the measurements are 8" deep, 12 5/8" tall and 17 1/8" wide. The finger pulls have 3 nails. I have redone the felt on box 1 and plan on leaving it somewhat original since I love the story it tells with the worn look. The original handle appears to have fallen off and replaced with a brass plate. There is a nameplate on box with my grandfathers name.

    Box 2 has 5 drawers and the measurements are 8 3/8 " deep, 11 5/8" tall and 16" wide. I have the lock for box 2 but have it removed in the photo because it is soaking. The side latches say Eagle Lock Co. and the front lock is from Rockford Co. I plan on fully restoring this box and have it disassembled so far, removed old felt and polished up the old hardware.

    Please excuse the side ways picture. Any pointers to stop that from happening would be greatly appreciated since it has been a battle for me to upload images.

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    I have just started to restore Gerstner tool chests a few months ago but I would say neather chest you have
    looks to be a Gerstner. You could look through this guide for more info,

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    Chest #1 is a Union and can be seen here:

    Chest #2 is a National Cabinet Company chest (made in the Gerstner factory) and can be seen here:

    Maych the characteristics of your chests to the ones on the web site.


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