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Thread: O42 style chest

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    O42 style chest

    I just got a chest and I did some research on this chest from the guide. Seems to be an O42 with lid restraints, which would put it between 43 and 59.

    What I can't see is a decal or name plate on the bottom drawer that would narrow down the dates. It doesn't look like any name plate has ever been "nailed" into the drawer, so maybe it's a foil oval that has fallen off.

    Some of the hardware is missing and I don't have a key.


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    The "nameplates" of this generation were decals and were not "nailed on". The ovals were either decals or glued on labels. The later art deco style rectangular decals were glued on.

    Further, the chest had self-restraining hinges, not lid restraints, which were chains.

    There is a code on the side of the lock that may help you obtain a key.

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    You have a great chest. I think the reason why there is no decal and no faded place where the decal used to be is that your chest has been refinished at some point in it's life.
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