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Thread: Two and three piece drawewr knobs

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    Two and three piece drawewr knobs

    Have you seen drawer knobs that are riveted on instead of screwed in. I have run across both two piece and three piece knobs of this type,

    They consist of a large headed split rivet which passes though an eyelet, then either butts up against a backing plate or goes straight through the wooden drawer front and is peened over on the back side of the drawer front.

    The unknown "SP" chest I am working on at the present time uses the three piece knobs and I was missing one!



    I have seen them on STAR, SIPCO and George Scherr chests, also.

    I have sent an inquiry to my manufacturing contact to see how feasible (and expensive) it would be to reproduce them.

    Transformed_Split Rivets for 3 piece knobs.jpg
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