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Thread: Best product for just cleaning, not a full refinish?

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    Best product for just cleaning, not a full refinish?

    I used some home depot (Hunters, Foresters?) brand product. It was a golden oak stain/wax/refinishing product. I like the results, but it didn't really clean the grime out of the grain at all.

    Is there something that cleans better than this? I am not going to strip and sand and do a full refinish because the base finish is in really good shape. I just want to clean it better.

    Would soapy water with beach or vinegar, or some homemade concoction work?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm afraid you are not going to get the results you want with a "just cleaning". To get the dirt and schmutz out of the grain pores of the wood, you have to strip, sand, and bleach with oxalic acid. It's probably much easier to do that than go through the gyrations you would to try to clean it with household compounds.

    After restoring over 185 of these boxes, I've found that to be true. Besides, who wants to end up with a dirty old box?

    Scroll down to "Stripping old Finishes"

    Just my humble, but informed, opinion,


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    Well, I suspected that was the answer.

    Anybody sell Rushbrook in a can?

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    Rushbrook in a can

    can.jpegMy brother in the can....


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