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    Wood For Drawers

    After browsing this site and finding useful information, I have joined the Forum today.

    I have a Starrett mahogany chest in rough condition which I would like to restore. From information found on the forum, this chest was made by Gerstner for the L. S. Starrett Co. One drawer is missing and I plan to make a replacement. Does anyone know what kind of wood the sides and back of the drawers were made from? Also, the top handle is missing. I like to restore things as true to the original as possible, so it would be great to find an original style handle. Any ideas where to find one?

    I hope as I gain experience in restoring machinist chests that I can contribute something useful to the Forum.

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    Starrett Experiences

    In my experience, the drawer sides were made of a lesser hardwood such as poplar. I have used it successfully to make many replacement drawers. I think I have some mahogany drawers in storage. Can you send met the dimensions of the one you are looking for? Pictures would help also. You can send them to, if that is easier than posting them here.

    The Starrett case had a unique handle. I found a couple in a box in the parts room at Gerstner & Sons in Dayton. I can check to see if I have a spare.


    I have restored several mahogany Starretts and have two now awaiting restoral. Scott just found a stash of the original Starrett nameplates, too.

    Here's a link to Starrett boxes I have restored or are in progress:


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