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Thread: Picked up in Massachusetts, working on it in Maine

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    Picked up in Massachusetts, working on it in Maine

    I won this F-17 at auction on Ebay and arranged for local pickup in Massachusetts. We drove from Florida to Connecticut to visit our kids and grandkids, so it was a quick trip to Hampden, Massacusetts to pick up this 100 year old Union F-17.


    I started work on it at my daughter's place, then brought it to Maine where we rented a cottage for week. After all, I must have a project!


    I'll drag it back to Connecticut to finish it.

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    Man oh man Terry. That is a little beauty. I can't wait to see it after you get done.
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    Thanks John. We're back in Connecticut now and work will continue as I find the time. You can follow along on

    I hope to do some machine sanding and other preparation this week.


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