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Thread: Model "Z 34" ?

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    Model "Z 34" ?

    Was there a 5 Drawer product Z 34?
    I found and am restoring a Gernstner Chest (well marked as such) and found the pencil marks on the back of the drawers numbering each with a "34" prefix number. Adjacent to the Markers Stencil on the inside bottom of the chest, I found a rubber stamped "Z" with 34 in pencil next to it and it appears incidently in the lid, under the green felt in the section where the mirror is placed.

    It sports 5 drawers, outside dimentions and drawer layer same as Model 44, leatherette covering with nickle appointments, finger style dovetailing, rounded edging, wood: possible poplar

    On the top shelf under the green felt were pencil markings and possible a signature and number but too faded to interpret.

    There was some dry rot on the bottom and I am installing some new wood as it is getting new leatherette (from Gernstner) and will not show.

    Found in Micanopy Florida last year.
    Lexie Kensington

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    The marking you found is a production number, not a model or style number. Z marks the production run and 34 refers to the sequence in that run. It was usually marked in the case bottom, under the felt in the top, and on the backs of each drawer along with a drawer number. Unfortunately, there is no correlation to the manufacturing date.

    Check this site to line up your drawer configuration and dimensions to determine the Style number:

    Practice spelling Gerstner correctly, too, while you're at it.


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