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Thread: Need help in identifying this tool chest.

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    Need help in identifying this tool chest.


    First let me introduce myself, my name is Ed Seymour, I live in Hamden Connecticut, just shy of my 60th birthday, and new to this forum.

    Just out of high school I started a two year apprenticeship in a small machine shop. I then worked at a major aircraft manufacturer in their machine shop. It was there that I fell in love with the wooden machinist tool chest. They had so much more character than my metal ******* chest. This was before the internet and the only way to get a used one was to buy it after the man had passed. When a machinist retired he took his tool chest with him.

    As fate would have it my career took a different turn and I was no longer in machine shop. After 30 some odd years I still wanted one of these wooden chests. About a week ago SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) and I went to Cape Cod on vacation. She made me stop at an antique shop and we found this chest. She told me to go ahead and buy it if I wanted it. After a brief negotiation it was mine.

    It has no identifying tags on it other than the lock that was made by EAGLE LOCK CO. TERRYVILLE CONN U.S.A. It measures 20” wide, 16” tall, and 9-1/2” deep. According to the chart on The Guide for Wooden Machinist Tool Chests - Per 1960 it’s either a Gerstner, SPICO, STAR, or Scherr. I contacted Scott Campbell he is unsure about it being a Gerstner. The front lid, the hinges, the screws in the front and the drawer bottoms nailed on are all wrong.

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    That's a strange one.... It is definitely not a Gerstner and I have not seen a Union with tiny hinges like that. I would be interested to know, too. We had better get Ted involved in this thread.

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    Sorry guys, I've reviewed all of the U.S. and Canada manufacturers and can not suggest any specific one of them. It certainly is a knock-off of Gerstner's O42, even the same width and depth dimensions and within a 1/4" on height......Ted


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